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SmartLipo Laser Liposuction: How it Works

SmartLipo Laser Liposuction: How it Works

Minimizing fat deposits is a problem that modern cosmetic procedures have been able to make more comfortable and efficient. Among the most effective ways to reduce pockets of fat in problem areas on your body is liposuction. In recent years, liposuction has been advanced with the help of laser technology. Laser liposuction is the gentler way to predictably remove fat accumulation and has the extra added benefit of producing collagen from under the skin which promotes skin tightening.

How Does Laser Liposuction Work?

Lasers are utilized in fat removal treatments to facilitate the easier removal of fat cells. Traditionally, in standard liposuction procedures, fat cells are removed through the use of a back and forth suctioning motion.  This treatment method will indeed remove fat cells in the treated area, but the force of motion needed to successfully remove fat can create discomfort or leave the surface of skin less smooth than desired.

Using a laser in conjunction with traditional liposuction tools  allows fat to be removed in a way that is gentler on tissue. The laser first liquefies fat so that it can be suctioned without force. While the general process for fat removal with laser is the same – a cannula, or small tube, is inserted through into treatment areas to remove fat cells – the addition of the laser makes all the difference in terms of patient experience and procedure outcomes.

Laser Technology for the Benefit of Successful Fat Removal

Lasers are now used in a variety of medical treatments, from dentistry to cosmetic surgery for fat removal. Utilizing varying wavelengths, lasers can target different tissues for more efficient treatment. Liposuction lasers utilize a wavelength that can help to specifically and more easily treat fat cells while creating minimal disruption for skin. Lasers also generally assist in the treatment healing process, as they seal tissue, promoting a more comfortable recovery period with less bleeding and bruising.

Laser assisted fat removal surgery helps to deliver the kinds of results that patients are looking for — sleeker silhouettes with smooth skin that looks and feels natural.

SmartLipoTriPlex in Newport Beach

Our Newport Beach, CA MedSpa offers SmartLipo Triplex for the easy removal of fatty deposits that have remained a stubborn and seemingly un-removable part of your figure. Contact our office for more information about laser liposuction and SmartLipo.


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