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At Newport Beach MedSpa, we help our patients see results by offering the best in hassle-free and modern technology.  Our weight loss systems reflect our commitment to offering effective, current therapies for successful weight loss.  If you need to lose pounds and inches, you don’t have to wait – our HCG medical weight loss programs can help you see stunning results in less time than you think.

How is HCG Weight Loss Different?

Releana HCG Weight Loss Program

The HCG weight loss program uses naturally produced hormones to stimulate the reduction of stored body fat.  HCG stands for Human Chronic Gonadotropin – a hormone that your body produces in pregnancy. HCG helps expectant mothers use fat as energy to help developing children grow. When used outside of pregnancy, this hormone helps do the same thing – more efficiently burn fat – with significant loss seen in a short amount of time when coupled with a restricted calorie diet.

Compared to traditional dieting and exercising, where results develop slowly over a longer period of time, the HCG weight loss program uses natural hormones to accelerate fat loss. Patients on the FDA approved Releana weight loss system often see a pound-a-day difference.  Our Newport Beach medical spa helps clients lose pounds and inches with these popular weight loss regimens.

No Injections - HCG Medical Weight Loss: Releana

While traditional HCG diets require the administration of injections for accelerated fat loss, the Releana program is injectionless and include prescription HCG drops, taken orally. Newport Beach MedSpa offers the following options for accelerated weight loss:

Releana – This modern weight loss system focuses on the effective HCG fat loss method and has been used in clinical settings for over a decade. Releana involves a restricted calorie diet along with HCG drops that boost fat loss and help patients burn stubborn, stored fat. The result is significant weight loss in a reduced window of time.

Our weight loss program is often set up in short phases, with the entire treatment lasting between 20-30 days, though patients can continue treatment for longer periods of time to achieve their goals. The last phase of the process involves maintenance, where we ensure that you can enjoy and maintain your stunning results. Releana helps to boost energy and feelings of health and wellness, so you can enjoy an all-around transformation in how you look and how you feel while losing weight.

Natural Ingredients and High Standards of Care

Releana is free of unnecessary additives, contain proper dosages of natural, human HCG and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which is why they it is the only program we use. This weight loss program is effective for all patients who closely follow recommended instructions. Medical HCG weight loss from our Newport Beach medical spa is also effective for men, as much as women. If you are struggling with finding the right weight loss program in order to see quick and dramatic results, we can help.

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Your first medical weight loss consultation is complimentary. If you have questions about HCG weight loss and how our skilled and friendly team can help you lose a pound a day, contact our office to get started.

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