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Hair Restoration with NeoGraft® In Newport Beach

Hereditary hair loss and thinning hair is a common problem that affects millions of men and women. While balding does not present any medical complications, it can take a significant toll on your self-esteem. For those who experience male and female pattern baldness in their 20’s and 30s, the condition can even make you look older than you actually are.

We are able to gently restore your full or partial head of hair or eyebrows, with hair implants in Newport Beach, CA. The NeoGraft® procedure is a minimally invasive and advanced technology that can help patients achieve fuller hair and experience natural results.

Benefits of the NeoGraft® Hair Transplant Procedure

This effective method of transplanting hair is different than typical hair transplant surgery. NeoGraft® technology utilizes the FUE (follicular unit extraction) method of restoring hair, as opposed to the skin graft procedure. With the NeoGraft® system, patients with thinning hair or bald spots can benefit from:

Natural-Looking Results – Because NeoGraft technology® reduces donor hair individually and places them in the treatment site in the same way, you achieve a fuller hair line that looks natural. There are no scalpels or incisions used with the NeoGraft® procedure. You'll have the flexibility to style your hair the way you want -- long or short.

No Tell-Tale Scars – The individual extraction and placement of hair follicles negates the need for traditional strip hair implant surgery, where a rectangular section of tissue is surgically reduced from the back of the head. Where this traditional method creates a scar, the NeoGraft® procedure does not produce linear scarring, leaving hair restoration your secret to tell.  

Minimally Invasive, Gentle Treatment – Hair follicles are gently reduced on an individual basis with the help of the advanced NeoGraft® technology. This process is minimally invasive, does not require surgery, and is gentle on sensitive tissue. With local anesthetic techniques, patients report treatment as a comfortable procedure.

As hair is reduced from donor areas and placed onto the treatment site by individual follicles, the procedures can take a few hours. The treatment site will need to be handled gently in the first two weeks to ensure that the transplanted follicles are not disturbed. At Newport Beach MedSpa, we take care to ensure that your treatment fits your needs and goals. We create your hair transplant treatment plan to effectively address thinning hair in any number of problem areas.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplants for Men and Women in Newport Beach

Our automated hair transplantation method for creating a denser, fuller head of hair is FDA cleared for all skin and hair types. With NeoGraft® FUE hair transplants, we can provide treatment that is quick, highly effective, and safe. This hair transplant method works well for both men and women with hereditary hair loss that includes male and female pattern baldness, receding hair lines, bald spots at the back of the head or thinning eyebrows.

After transplantation, your new hair continues to grow and behaves naturally.  NeoGraft® hair restoration help to re-grow fuller, healthier hair that can be styled, dyed, cut and treated like normal hair. 

Learn More about Non-Surgical Hair Transplants

We are dedicated to helping our patients access the most modern treatments to meet their aesthetic goals. With the NeoGraft® procedure, we can help you see a fuller head of hair and thicker eyebrows when you look in the mirror, with no stitches and scars. For more information on FUE hair transplants in Newport Beach, contact our MedSpa today for your complimentary consultation.

NeoGraft® Hair Restoration: Before and After

NeoGraft Hair Implants - Hair Restoration Case 1, Newport Beach  NeoGraft Hair Implants - Hair Restoration Case 2, Newport Beach

NeoGraft Hair Implants - Hair Restoration Case 3, Newport Beach  NeoGraft Hair Implants - Hair Restoration Case 4, Newport Beach

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