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Dr. Emerico Csepanyi and his team are happy to welcome you to our blog, where we will be posting information about how to take care of yourself, answering frequently asked questions, and keeping you up-to-date on the latest in the field of cosmetic surgery. While many patients understand health basics, reaching out with new and useful information is part of developing general health knowledge and supporting strong, beautiful bodies for a lifetime. This blog helps our team meet this goal and better serve our valued patients.

Newport Beach MedSpa's blog will also be home to updates from our office and team, including information on community outreach events, continuing education, and new services provided to our patients, based on our commitment to expanding our professional knowledge and service philosophy.


Eva:Hey, good morning everyone. Happy Friday. This is Eva from Newport Beach Med Spa. We're here today in our CoolSculpting room. We wanted to kind of give a shout out to everybody today. It's Friday. It's a beautiful sunny day, and when the sun comes out we start thinking about spring and summer. So, we kind of wanted to talk to you today about CoolSculpting and let you know that summer bodies are made in winter, meaning start now. So, whether you're doing Smartlipo with us, or CoolSculpting, or Velashape, or Releana weight loss, we're talking about body now because we need the time to get ready for spring and summer.

Eva:So, I want to introduce to you today, Sophie, who is our CoolSculpting specialist. If you come in for CoolSculpting, you're most likely to meet up with Sophie. We've been doing CoolSculpting for six years now. We've been in the med spa and body business for 15 years, and out of those six years we've now done over 5000 treatments, and as an office with two machines, meaning we can dual sculpt, we are now ranked third in the nation.

Eva: So, what that means for us is we have a lot of expertise and we must be doing something right. So, Sophie's going to tell you a little bit about CoolSculpting because a lot of people have some questions. Sophie.

Sophie: Hi everyone. So, my name is Sophie, and I wanted to say that a free consultation's the best. I usually get people to feel it because I get a lot of questions of is it painful, is it big? This is an example of one of our hand pieces, and the whole thing is a cooling up, so you do see results as far as 20 to 30% results permanently, obviously you still have to workout, diet, all that stuff.

Sophie: I would recommend to come in for free consultation. Let us take a look. But you're able to go back to work. There is no shark bites, or pain, or bruising. I get tons and tons of questions, so rather than answer them all with a bunch of facts, I say come in, try it out, feel it out. It's all free. At least it will get that shock out of the system, and you'll realize how easy it is to get non-invasive results.

Eva: All right, awesome. There you have it. That's our bit on CoolSculpting today. So, do give us a call or text at 949-631-2800. Come on in. We'll do a free consultation. Answer all your questions and let you feel it out. Okay, everybody have a great weekend. See you next time.

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