Dermapen Treatment in Newport Beach 

Dermapen is recommended to treat:

 Aged saggy skin, Smoker lines around the lips, Skin tightening plus rejuvenation, Large pores, Stretch marks, Scars, Alopecia, Fine lines and wrinkles

Why Choose Dermapen?

Dermapen's advanced skin needling technology uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin with an automatic vibrating function. When moved across the skin's surface it stimulates nat­ural collagen reproduction, whilst allowing fine channels to be created in the skin. The channels can carry up to 80% more topi­cal nutrients, allowing for treatment delivery deep into the skin's fibroblasts to feed the underlying cells found in the dermis and basal layer. This increased absorption of active ingredients into the skin creates stimulated repair and faster resurfacing results.

Advanced skin needling promotes scar-less healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen, similar to fractional laser treatments but without the side effects and downtime. It's also more effective then most microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

unlike traditional skin needling rollers, the dermapen causes less trauma and has minimal epidermal (skin) damage, therefore reducing pain and discomfort, and making it a safer more effective treatment. The disposable needles reduce risk of cross- contam­ination, whilst the adjustable needle depths allow for a treatment tailored to your individual needs. The Dermapen is so advanced, that it is even suitable and safe to use in delicate and hard to reach areas such as around the eyes and lips and on the nose.

*Individual Results May Vary*

Your clinician will assess your skin and treatment area to recommend a treatment plan suitable for you.

How to care for your skin between treatments?

Step 1: Advance Resurfacing

Your clinician will apply a suitable topical treatment to 

Step 2: Hydrate and Strengthen

For best results, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and protected from the harsh environment to make it healthy and strong. We recommend a night and day treatment cream, used daily over a period of 90 days. If you’ll be exposed to the sun always wear appropriate sun protection.

Step 3: Cover, Recover and Protect for Beautiful Skin

It’s unlikely you’ll have any side effects after your treatment. However, if you do experience redness or sensitive skin we recommend you use a post procedure, breathable makeup. This will help you get back to your everyday activities without anyone suspecting you’ve even had a treatment. Plus with makeup camouflage coverage it can work as sun protection for the skin.


*Individual Results May Vary

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